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Sruthi Speaks About Swaas

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I have always been a passionate and ambitious person. I dream about something and I like to achieve them, however small or ginormous they are. Swaas is one of those dreams.

At some phase in our lives, we all have questioned the kind of chemical and toxic products that we use in our daily lives. We know the inevitable harm it causes to us, the people around us and the environment but we choose to stay calm. I also faced the same problem.

After my daughter, Sahana was born, an impending realization struck me about the number of toxins and chemicals that I use around her. Ironically, these products were used to make the home clean and safe for the kids. I could not handle such harmful cleaning products, air fresheners and needed alternatives for it. In search of something safe and green for my daughter, I initiated the idea of Swaas. What began as a personal concern for my home transpired into a solution for many homes, like mine, who dream and look for products that are safe and healthy.

2 years of immense hard work and research, the dream turned into reality. With my vision and great help from my team, Swaas Life Sciences took birth. In a world filled with chemicals all around us, Swaas seems to be a breath of fresh air which is not just safe and healthy but lifts your mood every time you use it.

This is my story and I would like to dedicate it to all the women out there, who like me, a dream of something and have the dedication to achieve it. What’s stopping you? I would like to listen to your concerns or stories or problems that you have faced in your home. Maybe Swaas could offer you a solution. We really do listen.

Feel free to tag us #swaasmakesadifference in your Instagram and Facebook posts. We will listen to you.

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