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This Christmas we can take some baby steps to make it greener and cleaner. These are a few options to turn your Christmas eco-friendly and safe.

Our tips for a toxic-free Christmas:

  • Buying products that are certified eco-friendly, and toxin-free
  • Choosing organic products in order to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • Avoid plastic products wherever possible.
  • Choosing products made from natural ingredients like wood, fabric and other organic textiles.
  • Choose quality over
  • Opt for hand-made products and DIY gifts
  • Avoid toys that require batteries.
  • Choose toys that are made out of materials like wood and metal, that will last
  • Wrapping gifts in materials such as hessian, cloth, recycled wrapping paper, or children’s artwork instead of plastic or foil.
  • Use LED lights for house and Christmas tree.
  • Reduce the size of outdoor lighting displays.
  • Outdoor mini lights will also save energy.
  • Turn tree lights and outdoor house decorative lighting during bedtime.
  • Use candles

It is our gift to be a part of this nature and these festivals and this Christmas as our return gift to her, let’s try and make a little effort to be more conscious and aware this Christmas, We can collectively make a difference to our world, our mother nature.

Merry Christmas

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