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Lemon Oil Benefits

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Spending 7-8 hours in an enclosed space with one too many bodies cramped all around you?
Rushing home after a long day to the smell of stuffy air?
Constantly worrying about the usage of chemicals in cleansing your house and surroundings

Lemon essential oil will put an end to this.

Lemon is grown as a small evergreen tree which originated as a hybrid between bitter orange and citron. It is an antioxidant, containing unique citrus phytochemicals which help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. It is widely known for its culinary and cleaning uses. History says lemon was first grown in Assam in India. Then it went on to be cultivated in Europe, Africa, and America. It was frequently used as an ornamental plant and for medicine.

The essential oil extracted from the lemon is an excellent anti-bacterial, de-greasing, deodorizing and disinfecting agent. An added feather to its cap comes in the form of qualities of reducing stress and uplifting one’s mood. It is being commonly used in aromatherapy, mainly to contribute to relaxation.

Lemon essential oil forms the essence of our products such as Air Fresheners, All-purpose cleaners, and Deodorizer. It leaves behind a soothing fragrance which not only eliminates unpleasant odors but also makes one feel at ease. Starting from your schools to offices to hospitals and home, this magical oil comes to your rescue as a mood-lifting, refreshing and safe alternative to harmful chemicals.

Lemon oil is also an astringent, meaning it causes contraction of skin cells. Hence, it is used in deep cleansing of skin while also shrinking pores.

With its antifungal and disinfectant qualities, lemon oil is a viable green cleaning contender ensuring a better and greener future for all of us.

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