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Household Conventional Cleaning Products Could make Your children Obese


Chemical household cleaning products may influence children’s gut bacteria and cause obesity, say researchers in Canada.

After examining the digestive bacteria of more than 700 infants, they discovered that babies aged three to four months showed altered gut bacteria when their homes were frequently cleaned with disinfectants, such as multi-surface cleaners.

These children were also more likely to be overweight at the age of three, than children whose homes had been cleaned with Natural or Eco-friendly Cleaners.

Abdomen bacteria are known to influence our health and have been shown to affect the development of diseases.

Long ago, it was believed that you could acquire “better living through chemistry”. But that may really not be the case, scientists of various disciplines have come together in a consensus statement to say that many of the chemicals found in everyday cleaning products can result in neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and attention-deficit disorders.

Last year, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stated that “Widespread exposure to toxic environmental chemicals threatens healthy human reproduction”. Other medical groups such as the Endocrine Society, the earth’s oldest and largest organization devoted to researching hormones, have expressed similar concerns.

However, this is the first time that leading scientists, doctors and policy advocates across various disciplines have come together to say that the science on toxic chemicals is clear, they can harm brain development.

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