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Green Resolutions for New Year

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This New year, in addition to our personal goals, let us make another resolution to ‘go green’. Encouraging environmental initiatives should be one of our main priorities and needs to be reflected through our resolutions to safeguard it against all forms of pollution we cause. According to our age, work, location etc… Our priorities could be different but our actions need to be in unison towards environmental sustainability.

We are the sould reason for this condition of our mother Earth and we need to take preventive measures to avoid any such occurrences in the future for us, and for the ones around us.  Let’s make a few sincere changes in our environment.

Let us, at the least, try to support the following activities and tasks starting from this year onward, if we have not practiced earlier:

  • Safeguard and enhance the green spaces, parks, and playgrounds.
  • Making most of our roof for gardening and creating green areas.
  • Auditing our household and office related activities. Improving tasks that require electricity and water usage.
  • Use minimum water for our daily activities.
  • Wash clothes in normal water and washing only when full loads are in the dishwater and washing machine.
  • Close the faucet while we brush our teeth or shave.
  • Watering our lawn morning/evening to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Changing incandescent bulbs for C.F.L.s
  • Conserve energy in all forms. Switch off lights when not in use.
  • Unplug the mobile charger and computer after use as it wastes a lot of energy.
  • Avoid fast fashion. Reduce our insatiable for designer apparel and related clothing that we wear for only one season and throw it in next. Only buy what we need.
  • Go for green shopping and donate items/clothes we do not use.
  • Detox our home. Use only safe natural products and detergents as household cleaning products for furniture, bathrooms, and clothes including air fresheners.
  • Reuse and recycle material.
  • Schedule vehicle trips to avoid peak hours and traffic congestion.
  • Avoiding wasting any food items.
  • Avoid plastic bags. Take your own plastic-free bags for shopping.
  • Ignore using Styrofoam cups, disposable cutlery, and other related items.
  • Avoid unnecessary printouts and photocopy.
  • Minimize using bottled drinking water. This is expensive and generates plastic bottles waste. Instead, use filtered equipment at home or use largely refillable and reusable bottles.
  • Avoid using paper towels and napkins. Instead, use cotton clothes and old used fabrics.
  • Improving our awareness by reading and knowing more on the environment.

Celebrate and enjoy the festivities of the season and be a more responsible citizen of the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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