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A blog through a first-person experience

A blog through a first-person experience

Welcome to Swaas Life Sciences, only one destination for all your natural home-care products.

Every New Year’s Eve, I have a habit at looking into my kitchen and finding new ways to renovate it. And this year also, I did the same thing. There are a few things I found out,

We have loads of plastic bags that we are never going to use.
We have way too many boxes filled with unusable cereals and pulses.
We have way too many cleaning products.

Ever since my parents decided to move me into a separated room from theirs, I have been hugely concerned about cleanliness and odors around me. I have had all my friends overtly obsess about the refreshing fragrance and meticulous cleanliness in my house. Keeping things neat and clean grew into my blood now. Over time, I grew a strong inclination towards different ways and means to clean and organize my room, eventually my home. And fifteen years later, as a mother who works full time and also manages a home, it becomes daunting to look at each and every aspect of hygiene and cleanliness in my home. I have two active kids and a dog who never stays indoors. My husband also works, so there is no one at home to take care of them. It is inevitable that the calm and cleanliness of the house will stay for 5 seconds after it is cleaned. These kids run all around the house, front yard and backyard chasing for the dog and sometimes even chasing each other. At an age that they are in, there are several things I am concerned about and not just the cleanliness of the house.

I have realized my cleaning products are just way too many to accommodate in my house and are also heavily chemical based. I needed something that can do the job of all cleaners. And also, cleaners that are probably less chemical based and environmentally friendly. What’s the solution?

(A naturally fresh way for safe cleaning)


Swaas Natural-All Purpose CleanerWith the ability to use it on any floor or surface, Swaas All Purpose Cleaner cleans disinfects and deodorizes with its natural ingredients. Its non-toxic formula not only turns the house dirt-free but also enhances the surroundings with a fresh citrus and woodsy blend fragrance. The perfect blend of natural oils and plant extracts used in its making provides you with the ideal aroma and a healthy household.

(Freshness at your fingertips)

Swaas Natural Air-FreshenerExtracted from essential oils and plants, Swaas All Natural Air Freshener goes beyond just minimizing bad odors. It elevates your mood with its breath-taking fragrance. The plant-derived surfactants present in the spray absorbs and neutralize bad odors along with providing healing benefits. It instantly eliminates odors from fabrics, curtains, linens, bedding, garbage cans, bathroom toilets, car shoes and any place where this exhilarating fragrance can go. Just a spray or two around you to see the magic happen.









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