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Bleach or Blech?


In my previous blog, we explored how using Ammonia-based cleaners can be hazardous to our health. Seeing a little further away into the future, cancer isn’t something on any of our bucket lists. (more…)

Say “NO” to Ammonia.

Swaas Products


Hi, you.

I know you have arrived here for a reason. Instead of browsing through Instagram or Facebook, you are on a website that encourages one to switch to natural products and make life better. (more…)

Lemon Oil Benefits

oraganic air freshers

Spending 7-8 hours in an enclosed space with one too many bodies cramped all around you?
Rushing home after a long day to the smell of stuffy air?
Constantly worrying about the usage of chemicals in cleansing your house and surroundings (more…)

Air Freshener

organic cleaning products

There are different kinds of Air Fresheners available in the market, from air and fabric sprays to plug in “burners” to solids. Contrary to popular belief, these air fresheners do not neutralize the foul odor. Instead, they create havoc to one’s home’s air quality. (more…)