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Benefits Of Natural Deodorizer

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For especially environmentally-conscious clients, here are our eco-friendly deodorizers available. Our deodorizing formula uses natural extracts to neutralize bacteria on contact, and bind any possible odors. Our products don’t use any of the harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, found in traditional portable toilet deodorizers. Being able to please each and every client with its benefits. (more…)

Sruthi Speaks About Swaas

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I have always been a passionate and ambitious person. I dream about something and I like to achieve them, however small or ginormous they are. Swaas is one of those dreams. (more…)

SWAAS Life Sciences Profile

Natural Home Cleaning Products In Hyderabad

SWAAS products are created with the nature in mind. Harnessing the natural cleaning power of plant and mineral extracts, our natural formulas are free of harsh ingredients (including phosphates, parabens, and SLS), environmentally sustainable (palm oil free), and are ultra-concentrated allowing us to offer great value. Now more than ever we are conscious of our impact on the planet, and reducing the use of household chemicals that wash down the drain is another small step towards a positive impact to your health and environment. (more…)

Volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases emitted into the air by-products or processes. Some harmful gases, when reacted with other gases, can cause air pollution and also cancer. (more…)

Get the best multipurpose cleaner for your money


Best Cleaning products can be expensive because many people believe that different types of cleaners are needed to do different jobs in the house. An excellent multipurpose cleaner can not only save you money but can also help to clean your home, as you will not need several bottles of different cleaning products. (more…)